Traces. Fiamma Montezemolo. A talk by Fiamma Montezemolo in conversation with Maria Alicata. 03.02.2023, 6.30 pm. Via del Vascello 35, 00152 Roma.

Fiamma Montezemolo, Traces, 2012, video frame 18'23''.

Fiamma Montezemolo, Traces, 2012, video frame 18'23''.

On 3 February 2023, Fondazione Baruchello invites Fiamma Montezemolo to a conversation with Maria Alicata on the film Traces (2012) by Fiamma Montezemolo, featured from 30 January to 3 February in the programme of films accompanying the exhibition “Aprire la storia”, open until 24 February 2023.
In the film Traces, artist and anthropologist Fiamma Montezemolo makes an ethnographic journey to discover the wall separating the United States and Mexico in the area between Tijuana and San Diego. The incessant noise of the wind and a tune of electronic music form the background to the voice of the artist, who has a direct confrontation with the barrier that divides the two states. This experience is aimed at getting to know the reality of the border and the physicality of the wall that delineates it. In this way, the viewer is confronted with the movements of migrants attempting to cross the frontier, surveillance structures, and desolate landscapes that recall a dystopian world.

Fiamma Montezemolo is both an artist (MFA, San Francisco Art Institute) and an anthropologist (PhD, University Orientale of Naples). She is an established scholar in border studies and a professor in the Department of Cinema & Digital Media at the University of California, Davis. She has exhibited in various institutions, among the most recent: Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City (2019), Herbert Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University (2019), Munich Jewish Museum, Germany (2019), La Galleria Nazionale, Roma (2019), Headlands Center for the Arts, California (2018), ASU Art Museum, Arizona (2019), Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco (2016), and Armory Center for the Arts, Los Angeles (2014). She is represented by Magazzino gallery in Rome. She is widely published and the author of two monographs: on Zapatismo and on Chicano/a politics of representation, as well as co-author (with Rene’ Peralta and Heriberto Yepez) of Here is Tijuana (Blackdog Publishing, London, 2006) and coeditor (with Josh Kun) of Tijuana Dreaming, Life and Art at the Global border (Duke U. Press, 2012). In 2022, she was awarded the Italian Council Minister of Culture Contemporary Art award in collaboration with On Public and Nero Editions.



28.11 – 09.12.2022
Antoni Muntadas – On Translation: Fear / Miedo | 2005, DVD, 30’27”, color, sound, subtitles

12.12 – 23.12.2022
Harun Farocki – Videograms of a Revolution | 1992, found footage, 106′, color, sound, subtitles

9.1 – 13.1.2023
Chantal Akerman – D’Est | 1993, 16 mm, 111′, color, sound

16.1 – 20.1.2023
Rogelio López Cuenca – Calor Humano | 2008, digital video, 3’38”, b/w, sound
Rogelio López Cuenca and Elo Vega – à Valparaiso 1963-2013 | 2013, video, 22’48’’, b/W, sound

23.1 – 27.1.2023
Gianfranco Baruchello – In su | 2001, VHS, 5′, color, sound
Gianfranco Baruchello – Ars memoriae | 2009, HDV, 21′, color, sound

30.1 – 03.2.2023
Fiamma Montezemolo – Traces | 2012, digital video, 20’28”, color, sound

6.2 – 10.2.2023
Dora García – Love with Obstacles | 2020, video, 60′, color, sound, subtitles

13.2 – 17.2.2023
Cesare Pietroiusti – Pensiero unico | 2003, video, 5’41”, color, sound

20.2 – 24.2.2023
Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli and Federico Lodoli – Fragment 53 | 2015, HD, 71′, color, stereo

“Aprire la storia” 20.10.2022 – 24.02.2023.

This exhibition was created with the contribution of Regione Lazio, Direzione Cultura e Lazio Creativo, Area Servizi Culturali e Promozione della Lettura, L.R. n. 24/2019, Piano 2022.
“Aprire la storia” received the patronage of the Dipartimento di Storia Antropologia Religioni Arte Spettacolo of Sapienza University in Rome.