“Research and rewritings for the history of contemporary art”. Call for Scholarship 2023


Graphic adaptation from Gianfranco Baruchello, Casa in fil di ferro (1975-1982)

Graphic adaptation from Gianfranco Baruchello, Casa in fil di ferro (1975-1982)

The third 2023 edition of the “Ricerche e riscritture per la storia dell’arte contemporanea” (Research and rewriting for the history of contemporary art) study grant organised by the Fondazione Baruchello is entitled La casa e l’abitare. Transformazioni artistiche e culturali negli ultimi trenta anni (Artistic and cultural transformations in the last thirty years).

In 1979, Gianfranco Baruchello printed the book L’Altra casa (The Other House) for Éditions Galilée in Paris, a publication constructed by assembling a series of clippings, notes and above all photocopies of houses, rooms, bathrooms, doors and carpets. The theme of living is closely linked to that of memory, in a reflection that moves between internal space, of memory and dreams, and external space, interweaving aspects of history, politics, and lived time. The theme already occupied the artist in previous years, in which reflection took the form of projects on nomadic houses, small towers with found materials, and films or audio recordings on house occupation movements.

The topic chosen for the current edition of the Fellowship takes its cue from this multifaceted research belonging to the artist and turns its attention to the last thirty years in order to interrogate emerging issues and themes concerning dwelling, displacement, uprooting due to wars, diaspora, virtual realities, as well as the utopias and imaginaries that derive from them.

The Fellowship invites us to look at works and subjects belonging to contemporary artistic research, dating back to the last thirty years, with a view to investigating what reflections, confirmations, transformations, and innovations, as well as technical, cultural, and linguistic perspectives, are present around the theme of living. In order to deal with this subject, the importance of the work and its construction is central. It’s also important, of the projects realized, to be open to participation and intended for public space, being considered as points of arrival and meeting points of different research perspectives on the cultural, political, and social context.

Applications for the scholarship, aimed at former graduate, postgraduate, new graduate, doctoral or new doctoral students, were evaluated by the committee consisting of:

– Maria Alicata, Art Historian;
– Giorgio Bacci, Professor of Contemporary Art History at the University of Florence;
– Francesco Careri, Co-founder of Stalker and Professor of Architectural Design at RomaTre University;
– Anna Mazzanti, Professor of Contemporary Art History at the Polytechnic University of Milan;
– Carla Subrizi, Professor of Contemporary Art History at the Sapienza University in Rome and President of Fondazione Baruchello.

For the year 2023, the scholarship was awarded to Irene Quarantini.

Download here the Call for Scholarship 2023.