Ritagliare l’astrazione. I collage di Carla Badiali (Cutting out abstraction. Carla Badiali’s collages) by Roberta Minnucci. Arbor Editions

Ritagliare l’astrazione. I Collage di Carla Badiali. Roberta Minnucci. Arbor Editions

Ritagliare l’astrazione. I Collage di Carla Badiali. Roberta Minnucci. Arbor Editions

Fondazione Baruchello is pleased to present Roberta Minnucci’s book, Ritagliare l’astrazione. I collage di Carla Badiali (Cutting out abstraction. Carla Badiali’s collages), produced on the occasion of the first edition of the 2021 Fellowship, “Ricerche e riscritture per la storia dell’arte contemporanea” (Research and Rewriting for Contemporary Art History), and published by Arbor Editions.The Fellowship project, aimed at researching important themes and issues in contemporary art history, was initiated in the midst of the pandemic, by Carla Subrizi and Gianfranco Baruchello, to introduce a new strand of research among Fondazione’s activities.

Minnucci’s publication investigates the work of Carla Badiali (1907-1992), a very important figure in Italian abstractionism and active since the 1930s, in close relationship with the group of abstractionists from Como. This work restores depth to the importance and originality of Badiali’s work and artistic research, which have been obscured by insufficient attention. Minnucci’s essay deals specifically with the artist’s collage-related activity, thus going on to rediscover a technique on which Badiali worked and reflected extensively throughout his career.

The book is the first in an editorial series that Fondazione Baruchello, in collaboration with Arbor Editions, has chosen to devote to contemporary art themes that have not yet been sufficiently studied or that today need a reinterpretation that can introduce new perspectives of study and research.


Scientific Committee (2021): Luigi Cavadini, Elena Di Raddo, Carla Subrizi, Francesco Tedeschi
Editorial Board: Gianlorenzo Chiaraluce, Alice Leone, Giuditta Sciamanna
Collaborators: Laura Carini, Mattia Dei
Design: Edoardo Visalli

January 2022
11.3×17.5 cm
68 pages
ISBN 978-88-944161-8-3