No Words Can Speak. H.H. Lim. Curated by Carla Subrizi. 18.04.2023 – 09.06.2023

H.H. Lim, Lucy, 2022, carboncino su tela (dettaglio)

H.H. Lim, Lucy, 2022, carboncino su tela (dettaglio)

H.H. Lim

curated by Carla Subrizi
18 April – 9 June 2023
Monday – Friday from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm
Via del Vascello 35, Roma


On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, from 6 to 9 p.m., Fondazione Baruchello will open H.H. Lim’s solo exhibition No Words Can Speak, curated by Carla Subrizi, which will remain open until June 9, 2023; the artist and curator will be present at the opening.

Titled No Words Can Speak to recall the theme of language, the exhibition consists of works by H.H. Lim from 1999, beginning with the work The Way, to 2022, some of which are new and designed specifically for the space. Through a practice that combines provocation, irony and mystery and is open to the use of different media (from video to performance, from painting to sculpture) Lim proposes on this occasion the outcomes of an artistic research he has been carrying out for several years on the word: indefinite, inert and mysterious when seen alone as simple writing, it immediately becomes complex and full of meaning if a body, a voice gives it life.

“In No Words Can Speak, the artist, leads us into a universe of “axioms” that are apparently convincing but that placed side by side, in more or less expected exchange and relationship, reveal their uncertain nature: they are not statements but fragments of a thought that questions itself and tries to understand where to find a possible balance between words that, in the crowding of media discourses, speak of a void of language.” (Carla Subrizi)