Il giardino libernautico. Presentation of the book. 03.10.2022

Il giardino libernautico (pubblicazione), 2022.

Fondazione Baruchello, on Monday, October 3, presents the book Il giardino libernautico  curated by Elena Bellantoni, published by Arbor Editions. Through curatorial texts, interviews and photographic materials, the publication returns and deepens what emerged with the exhibition “Il giardino libernautico” curated by Elena Bellantoni, in collaboration with Niccolò Giacomazzi and Benedetta Monti. The relationship with nature and care as a responsible action towards it are the central themes on which the exhibition focused. In the book, the artists reflect on what they created for the exhibition, contextualizing the projects within their research in a broad dialogue that generated suggestions and hypotheses for future works.

Participating in the presentation of the publication are Elena Bellantoni, along with authors Maria Alicata, Niccolò Giacomazzi, Benedetta Monti, Carla Subrizi and artists Sara Basta, John Cascone, le Grossi Maglioni and Jacopo Natoli. Laura Carini will moderate the meeting.

The volume was produced in connection with Summer Show project, promoted by Roma Culture and winner of Estate Romana 2020-2021-2022 curated by the Dipartimento Attività Culturali. It is also produced in collaboration with SIAE.

Technical information:
Il giardino libernautico
curated by Elena Bellantoni
52 pages
21 x 29.7 cm

Design Bahut studio
ISBN 978-88-944161-5-2
© 2022 Arbor Editions, Rome