Footnote to a Footnote. Lara Almarcegui, Patricia Esquivias, Dora García, Núria Güell, Alicia Kopf, Fina Miralles, Itziar Okariz, Julia Spínola e Gianfranco Baruchello. 15.2 – 5.4.2019

Opening at the Fondazione Baruchello at 6 p.m. and at the Real Academia de España en Roma at 7:30 p.m.

A project curated by Javier Hontoria
In collaboration with the Real Academia de España en Roma and with the support of Acción Cultural Española, AC/E

The result of a collaboration between the Real Academia de España and the Fondazione Baruchello, the exhibition Footnote to a Footnote*, curated by Javier Hontoria, presents the work of eight Spanish women artists from different generations and contexts, some previously unseen in the Italian context, alongside some works by Gianfranco Baruchello. The project is the result of Hontoria’s one-year residency at the Real Academia de España in Rome, during which he focused his research on the work of Gianfranco Baruchello. The exhibition reconstructs, however, through a number of thematic paths, a multi-voiced dialogue between the Italian artist’s work and that of the invited women artists. The dream (“a model for a game, a palpable mood,” Baruchello once said), the earth, nomadism, the fragmentation of narrative, the political gaze or the way in which history is told, are the themes on which the project focuses. The practice of the archive, recurrent and essential in Baruchello’s research, will be an additional point in the structure of the exhibition.

The title of the exhibition, Footnote to a Footnote*, takes its cue from a practice of continuous referral and citation. Beginning with dissemination and the search for connections between fragmentary aspects, the narrative in a work by Baruchello is in fact always discontinuous, decentralized, and open to multiple readings. These aspects thus become the starting point and dialogue of the exhibition. Each work exhibited becomes the “footnote” to another work, in a game of cross-references that prevents the construction of a single main narrative.  

The entire project, articulated in two exhibitions, dislocates the works, fragments each theme addressed: a series of cross-references and short-circuits is produced between the works exhibited in the two venues, which the public is invited to discover.  

At the Fondazione Baruchello, works by: Lara Almarcegui, Patricia Esquivias, Dora García, Núria Güell, Alicia Kopf, Fina Miralles, Itziar Okariz, Julia Spínola

While at the Real Academia de España the works of: Lara Almarcegui, Patricia Esquivias, Dora García, Núria Güell, Alicia Kopf, Fina Miralles, Itziar Okariz, Julia Spínola and Gianfranco Baruchello