Gianfranco Baruchello. Retour à Paris. Massimo De Carlo gallery, Paris. 18.09.2023 – 24.09.2023

Installation view. Photo credit: Thomas Lannes

Gianfranco Baruchello, Il Tecnolatra, 1963. Photo credit: Thomas Lannes

The exhibition Gianfranco Baruchello. Retour à Paris, set up in the parisian space Pièce Unique of the Massimo De Carlo gallery, includes three works from 1963 by the author.

On this occasion, the large canvas Il Tecnolatra and the two smaller ones Attenzione! Dio ti vede and An old shelter are exhibited. In these works Baruchello uses different layers of white made with different techniques: industrial enamels, casein whites, wax crayons. In this way, the surfaces become a space on which the gaze can dwell in depth. In addition, the canvases are populated with figures painted in bright, energetic colours.

These works represent a phase in Baruchello’s artistic research that focuses on experimenting with the reinterpretation of painting through the use of moving objects and images. They raise crucial questions that will remain central to Baruchello’s artistic investigation. At the end of 1963, the creative explosion to which these works refer led to a fragmentation that gave rise to a profusion of small images in pictorial space, in combination with the use of Plexiglas and objects as well. These elements create linguistic and mental micro-systems, distributed within a space of multiple relationships, without any hierarchy.