The Fondazione Baruchello, founded in 1998 by Gianfranco Baruchello and Carla Subrizi, has two main institutional purposes: firstly, it deals with the studying, archiving, cataloging and dissemination of the artistic work of Gianfranco Baruchello; secondly, it promotes and organizes training, research, residency, study, and exhibition activities for contemporary artists with particular regard to interdisciplinary and experimental work.

The activities of the Fondazione are located between two locations: Baruchello’s house-studio was donated as a starting point for cultural activity, located in the Parco di Veio, and currently houses the library of around 60,000 volumes — the artist’s archive history, alongside a number of his works. Since 2016, the gallery which is housed in the Monteverde Vecchio district in the centre of Rome hosts exhibitions, meetings, seminars, conferences, round tables, book presentations, and performances.