Fondazione Baruchello is the only institution in charge and authorized to issue the Certificate of Authenticity of the works of art by Gianfranco Baruchello.

To request the examination of a work by the Scientific Committee of the Archive, a specific procedure must be followed. The opinion issued by the Archive will be communicated in the form of a certificate.

The authentication procedure has a cost and observes a variable fee list depending on the type of work (see attachment 3). The payment is considered as a lump sum refund for the expenses and activities involved in the procedure.

In order to start the authentication procedure, please follow these guidelines and send the documentation to the Fondazione Baruchello’s certified e-mail address – – for an initial examination:

1. Fill the application form (attachment 1).

2. Provide the following photographic documentation:

– n. 2 high resolution photographs (TIFF – 300 dpi) of the front and the reverse of the artwork.

– n. high resolution photographs (TIFF – 300 dpi) of details of the front and reverse of the artwork.

3. Provide a copy of documents and publications in which the artwork is mentioned or reproduced.

4. Sign personal data consent form (attachment 2).

5. Make the bank transfer (attachment 3) and send the bank receipt.


In the event that the documentation provided is not sufficient for the attribution of Authenticity, Fondazione Baruchello may request to submit the work of art to an expert appraisal session by the Scientific Committee at the Foundation’s Archives, prior appointment to be agreed.

For any information please write to the following e-mail addresses: and