Fondazione Baruchello announces that the researches aimed at the Gianfranco Baruchello Catalogue Raisonné, edited by Carla Subrizi, are underway. Collectors, museums, galleries and other institutions which own or owned works of the artist are invited to contribute to this comprehensive publication providing information and documentation. The publication of the Catalogue Raisonné is planned for 2024.

Sending files

In order to provide documentation please follow these guidelines:

1. Fill in the application form (attachment 1).

2. Provide the following photographic documentation:

– n. 2 high resolution photographs (TIFF – 300 dpi) of the front and the reverse of the artwork

– n. high resolution photographs (TIFF – 300 dpi) of details of the front and reverse of the artwork

3. Provide a copy of documents and publications in which the artwork is mentioned or reproduced.

4. Sign personal data consent form (attachment 2).

5. Send all documents via WeTransfer to the following e-mail address:

The submission of the documentation does not in any way bind the Fondazione Baruchello to the publication of the work in the Catalogue Raisonné.




Owners or previous owners of Baruchello artworks who have already sent part of the documentation (information on artwork without photographs or, on the contrary photographs without information, or other incomplete information) are invited to complete or update it.